Another finished project!

I love making things. I have been that way for a very long time, as long as I can remember. Because of my enjoyment in making things, I tend to start a lot of projects. Many of them I complete but some of them....well sometimes they get forgotten and stuffed away and left useless for quite some time.

    One particular project was a coat. I started it when I was 15 or 16 during a time that we enjoyed visiting rendezvous - an event where people would act and dress in period (the ones we went to were set in the 1800s) clothing. I had fun making costumes for the guys in my family and I to wear to them. One book I had showed a fun pattern for a cape which I helped a friend to make and then I wanted to make one too. My Mom advised that having a coat connected to it would be much more practical in our cold MN winters and so I did that.

   Well I got most of it done but then had some troubles and basically just got tired of the project. I wasn't completely liking how it was turning out and I think my interests had drifted a bit. Anyway it got set aside and I worked on other things. I did pull it out to use it a couple of times for victorian strolls (a Christmas time event) in Albia, IA when we lived near there but I used it without buttons and a make shift hem.

   But finally, as of yesterday, it is done! I still might make some improvements on it but it is fully hemmed and has buttons and buttonholes. It feels so nice to finally finish this project!  It is a unique coat (and my family is not sure that they are that fond of it -though I think Megan said it was pretty) and I am not sure that I will wear it a lot but I enjoy unique clothing from time to time and I think I will enjoy having it as an option. The length makes it pretty warm (too warm for our current weather!).

Here is the back view. I made this out of a couple of old army blankets and I tried to dye it but that didn't work to well and you can still see that there are two different shades. Any suggestions?

With the hood up. It is a pretty unique hood and I can't imagine wearing it much.

 Now I am on to work on a hammock that has been sitting around and whatever else I can pull out of my desk and closet! Do you have old projects that need finishing sitting around? Maybe I am the only pack rat that keeps unfinished projects around for 16 or so years!

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