Kids In The Garden

What a difference a few days makes! A little over a week ago we had snow.... then a few days after that we had 60 degree, sunny days! This past Saturday the kids spent most of their time outside digging in what will be my back garden this spring.

I wanted to get my overwintered carrots and parsnips pulled so I could start getting ready for spring planting.
They took a break from planting to help me in the garden. We found tons of worms as we dug. Charlotte was very proud of herself that she wasn't afraid to hold a worm.

Evan was a little worried at first but then made friends with the little wiggly guy.

Charlotte is a great carrot puller! She thought it was a funny trick when she would pull expecting a long carrot and the top would come out easily revealing that a mole had eaten the bottom half. I didn't think it was quite as funny. The moles have finally found my garden and I'm guessing that they ate about 1/3 of my overwintered carrots. I'm hoping to line my root crop beds with hardware cloth this spring.

Evan loved finding carrots too.

Every time he'd pull one up he'd say, "This BIG guy!"
Looks like it's time for me to start planning out my garden. I have the seeds, now it's time for me to get out the colored pencils and graph paper and try to make sense of it all.