Not The Way I Like To Spend My Evenings....

Last night it was just me and the kids because Jon left earlier in the day to go on a cruise with his high school band. I had the option to go but I'm not quite ready to spend a whole week away from my two, still young, kiddos. So, the kids got into bed and fell asleep. The house was quiet and peaceful except for the distant rumble of thunder and the rain on the roof. Before I headed off to bed I thought I'd check the weather for today. When I brought up my local weather we had a bright red Tornado Warning. Great.... Turns out that a nasty little storm cell was headed for us and there was one right behind that one.
I watched the news (which had broken into all regular programming to follow the storms) to see where the "cell that shows signs of rotation" was.
Our only interior room is the master bedroom closet. As the storm cell got closer to our area, I started picturing making a mad dash across the house to grab the sleeping children and put them in the closet.... by myself. Luckily I came up with a better idea. I decided to move the kids to my bed one by one so that we'd be close to the closet should we need to take cover. They luckily hardly woke up as I carried them to my bed.
I was so glad I had moved them when the meteorologist said there was a possible funnel cloud 2 miles away from our house. They don't seem the least bit concerned, do they?

Luckily though, everything was fine and we didn't even get hail (many towns in the area reported major hail). I was able to move the kids back to their beds after about an hour. The birds are back to chirping loudly outside this morning and all is well.

I wanted to leave you all with an inspirational picture this morning.

Are you inspired??