How to eat Gol Guppa

Asalam Alaikum,
I really like the variety of different snacks that are available in Pakistan. They have all the common snacks like chips/cookies and stuff like that. Then there are snacks that are just plain interesting and fun to eat. One of my favorites is Gol Guppa, or Pani Puri.

Here is a picture of how the gol guppa walas cart is set up, on the left you can the large box containing the puris(little hollow rounds of dough, that are fried like chips until they puff up). In the middle is a large terracotta pot that contains the spicy/sour/salty water, and under that is a basket of boiled chanas(chickpeas) covered with a bit of cloth.

When you bring out your dish, the gol guppa wala takes a puri from the box with his left hand and pokes a hole in the top with one finger, with his right hand he puts 8-10 chanas inside the puri, then repeats this until there are as many puris as you wanted.
Then he fills up your bowl with the spicy water.
When eating, you dip the puri in the water until it fills up.Then you stick the whole thing in your mouth and bite down. Delicious!