Exciting Events for our Family

 We have had a wonderful evening!

 Mara decided that she wanted to make the decision to become a Christain and follow Jesus for the rest of her life. This evening after church she was baptized into Christ for the forgiveness of her sin. I am so thrilled! This is such a huge, life directing decision and not one to make lightly. She didn't make it without much thought and study.  I hope to share pictures and more about this before to long!

  Also my older brother Peter and his family, which includes a 3 1/2 month old that we had not met before, came on a somewhat spur of the moment trip today. They live in Colorado and we don't get to see them often and are so happy they could come! My new niece is adorable and I plan on spending the next few days holding her as much as possible!

So.... Posting here might not happen very much these next few days but you can be sure that we are having a wonderful time! :-)