Fixing Chairs

A huge way to save money in the home (in my humble opinion) is to fix up and keep using what you already have. This is something that I put into practise not long ago when fixing some of our chairs.

  We had some major issues with these chairs coming apart. The legs we tried glueing together again but they kept coming unglued which was rather dangerous as people were almost ready to crash to the floor.
Also the top part had come off of one of them. It was time for a solution!

 My Dad suggested doing a little wiring along with the gluing. So armed with some carpenter glue AND some florist wire I went to work. (I am sure you wouldn't have to use florist wire but I had that handy.)

This one wasn't too bad and a few crossways wires seem to be doing the job quite nicely. The other one had more issues so I put quite a bit of wire down there. I figure it can do double duty as a musical instrument now. :-) Anyway, they might look a little funny, though it really isn't that noticeable, but I am glad to have them in service again. I also am thankful not to have to spend any money to fix them OR buy any new ones right now!

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