Sewing for Mara

On Friday I was working at going through stuff and cleaning in my office and as I was going through a couple of boxes of old t-shirts that I had saved to use sometime I decided to get to work and use some of them right then.
I found one large old t-shirt in a medium blue and decided to make Mara some leggings as I had been wanting to do all winter. I grabbed a pair of her jeans, laid them on for a pattern and started cutting.
I had decided to use the hem of the t-shirt for the hem of these capri length leggings.
I would have loved to avoid side seams altogether but there where too many holes in the shirt that I was trying to avoid so that didn't work. I sewed up the side seams and noticed there was still a hole that didn't get missed. What to do?
How about a band of fabric to make a stripe? Works for me!

I then sewed up the seams in the front and back of the leggings and then the inseam. Next I put some elastic around the top and they were all done! But... what skirt would she wear them with? The stripe made them not quite so matchable.

Well I had all these t-shirts:
Maybe I should make a skirt too.

 So after a bit of cutting and figuring I did.

I had quite a bit of fun making it. It was quite simple using a couple of different navy blue t-shirts and the rest of the striped t-shirt.                                                                            

I decided to make a scarf too. I turned out a little funky but that's okay. I had lots of fun, Mara  likes it and the outfit didn't cost us a cent, was quite fast to make and used up some otherwise rejected old clothes.

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