Hanging A Clothesline Inside

This winter we've had much lower then average temperatures and with that has come higher then average electric bills (since we have a heat pump). We have been doing all that we can to turn off lights, keep the thermostat down, and to wear an extra layer but I wanted to do more.

Last year I hung my clothes out on the line for a few months and I really noticed a difference in the electric bill. Even though it's against neighborhood rules, I strung several cotton clotheslines between our existing posts for our summer shade cover.
This summer I won't have diapers to hang on the line.....is it weird that it makes me a tiny bit sad?

Anyway, I stopped hanging laundry as it got colder and never started back up again. The other day I got the itch to hang laundry but it was snowing outside.....

That didn't stop me!

I decided to hang a few clotheslines in our playroom (the converted two car garage). It's the perfect place since we only use it during the daytime Monday-Friday. The air inside is very dry so I wasn't worried about the extra moisture the clothes would introduce into the house.
First, after finding the stud, I drilled a hole a tiny bit smaller then the hooks that I found at Walmart for $.99 per 3 of them! Then, using a screwdriver for leverage, I screwed the hook in as far as I could get it. I used cotton clothesline and hung 3 lines the length of the room.

I hung one line closer to the ground so Charlotte and Evan could help me hang laundry.

Here it is. Not as lovely as the ones that blow in the breeze outside, I realize. I've been hanging the clothes after the daycare kids leave in the afternoon and when I wake up the next morning, they're dry. I put them in the dryer on the air cycle for about 10 minutes to soften them.
I take the clotheslines down when they're not in use. I wouldn't want people to think I've totally lost it. ;) I'm crossing my fingers this helps make a bit of a dent in the electric bill. I can't wait for the weather to improve so I can start hanging laundry outside!