A Great Weekend With Family

The weekend before last (nothing like prompt blog posts), my mother and father-in-law and my sister-in-law came for a visit. They live about 8 hours away but never seem to mind a trip down to spend time with their grandkids.

My in-laws live near Milroy Maple Syrup farm. They brought us 3 gallons of maple syrup and we only paid $36 a gallon! I'm hoping the 3 gallons lasts us a whole year. They were also nice enough to make a second stop on their way down to bring me maple cream. For those who haven't tried it before, it's spreadable maple syrup. I toast homemade bread, top it with butter, and then a light layer of maple cream. It's heaven. Let's just say I'm hiding the jar of maple cream in the fridge so no one else can find it.

After opening a gallon of syrup, it's best to keep it fresh one of two ways (though I guess there could be more ways but these are the two that I know). The first way is to can it and the second way is to freeze it. I have the freezer space so I freeze the syrup. It keeps really well this way.

I made a big breakfast of local sausage, homemade peach and strawberry applesauce, local eggs, and of course pancakes so we could enjoy the fresh syrup.

My kiddos are lucky enough to be thoroughly spoiled by their grandparents and aunt. I'm not sure how the Easter Bunny can compete with the lovely gifts they brought.

Aunt Sue made this beautiful dress for Charlotte. It even has a matching purse!

Last Saturday's weather was amazing so we took advantage of it by getting some outside chores marked off of our to do list. We got out the shade sail that we usually put up each year around this time. Because we live in a neighborhood without any trees near the houses, the sun gets very intense in the summer. Our living room has a western exposure and gets very hot in the summer without the shade sail up.

It feels cooler already.
Jon tackled our back gate. It's in need of a paint job. He'll get to that in a few more months but for now, he needed to fix a few pickets and the support board.

He did a great job. Grammy soaks in the sun while holding nails for Jon.

I should know by now that when I just mention a project to my father-in-law hoping for a little advice that not only will I get great advice but he also will go ahead in completing the project in a way that exceeds my every expectation.

I was given these vinyl fence panels by a friend's neighbor who was replacing their fence and was going to throw them out. There was enough fencing to go around my back garden but I wasn't sure how to go about putting them up. I was going to settle for some twine and tomato stakes. I should have known better.

What I ended up with was a beautiful fence that will last for years. He was even able to use a hinge from our back gate so that I'll be able to get into my garden easily. I got very lucky when it came to inlaws.
Now I have to grow a garden worthy of the beautiful fence!

I put down a fluffy layer of new pine straw(needles) in the front flowerbeds.

**My picture uploader is making mad so I'll upload the picture of the finished fence in the morning**
The view of the back garden from under the shade sail. Jon got to cut the grass for the first time this spring. Cutting grass is one of the few household chores he enjoys doing.

It was such a nice day that we all ate dinner outside.

It was a great weekend.