Learning about the Middle East

We have been studying about the Middle East lately (Currently we are "in" the United Arab Emirates) and have had fun bringing it into our meals a few times too. This evening we decided to be adventuresome and eat on the floor like most people do over there.

   The boys had a blast getting the "table" ready. Mara and I worked on the menu. Megan just worked at dressing just right! (Some doll clothes/a nightie worn when an infant, a scraf and lovely plaid pants filled the bill.)  Mara and I added scarves too as most women over their wear something of the sort.
 This was our menu for the evening:
Hummus (I found a recipe and made it for the first time!)
Pineapple (I am not sure of the authenticity of this one.)

The kids decided eating without silverware would be more authentic too. I thought I had pictures of Ken and I too but they all ended up blurry. :-) Anyway we had fun at our little middle eastern party so I thought it would be fun to tell you about it.

  We have enjoyed studying about the Middle East but are certianly not tempted to move there! We enjoy our country and the freedoms we enjoy here. A lot of our reading has left us a little sad and hoping there is someone we can help share Christ's love to all the lost ones there!

A couple of weeks ago I had fun making another Middle Eastern meal (while studying Jordan). I did some major modifying of recipes but we enjoyed Pita bread with a really yummy marinated chicken (that I can't seem to find the recipe for now!) and then my own personal version (read not authentic!) of Taboulah. Ken and I and some of the kids really enjoyed it. It was fun to try!

Do you have any Middle Eastern foods that you really enjoy?