Chris's Tweed Cap

My brother, Chris, recently had his 24th birthday and I really wanted to knit something for him. It's tough to knit something for a 24 year old in the spring time. I settled on a lightweight beanie in colors that I thought would look nice with his auburn hair.
The pattern I used was the 1-2-3-5 Beanie from Ravelry. The pattern was easier to remember after a few rounds. The yarn is Silky Tweed in colors 5, 6, and 8. It's a DK weight yarn made of silk, cotton, merino extra fine wool, and viscose. It's soft but not too slippery and was nice to knit with. I love the flecks of color mixed it to create the tweed.

I didn't get the decreases quite right and found the directions a bit confusing but in the end, I don't think my mistakes are very noticeable. I'll just pretend I meant to do it that way.

My brother sent me a picture of himself wearing it. He loves it and the cookies I mailed with it.
Happy Birthday, Chris!