The wool skirts project

A while back a friend from church asked if I would like a box of old wool skirts and slacks that she had. Since I love projects and remaking things and didn't really have any wool things on hand but had seen some neat projects using them, I said "Yes!". The picture above is what she brought to me.

  I have had fun making things out of these and have a bunch more ideas of things I would like to do and so I thought I would have a bit of a series on Tuesdays for a while showing off some of my projects that have used these wool clothes.

   When I got them my thought was that I would use the wool, and I have some and intend to do more, but I have ended up having a ton of fun using the lining to make things too! Today's project makes use of the lining material.
These are just a bunch of different sized circles cut out and then we melted their edges over a candle, stacked them up and then I sewed them together in the middle with some little beads. I found instructions for it at 100 Layer Cake.

I have had fun coming up with many ways to use these pretty flowers. A couple of them are:

A headband for my niece (Megan is modeling it).

I added them to cylinder vases and then used them to hold candles for centerpieces at our Republican Dinner.

I have had fun using those flowers in other ways too, I think they look cute in many different places. I will have fun showing you some of the ways in the coming weeks. I am also having fun with the wool parts so be sure to check back to see some of those projects.

Now I am curious.... what would you do if you had a bunch of old wool clothes? Do you have any things you have done or would love to do? Please share!

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