Mother's Day - My Weekend Part II

I've come to the realization that I take way too many pictures. This isn't really a problem until I try to decide which ones to upload into a post. I tend to want to share all of them. So, I apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of photos contained in this (and probably every) post.

After we left the Farmer's Market last Saturday, we drove a bit further down the road to check out J&S Farm's new store. I mentioned two months ago that they were struggling but now they have their own store instead of a small retail space at the farmer's market! Email me if you want their address or contact information.

It's a small little store but they have it packed with great food. So much of it is local (meats, dairy products, much of the produce).
A big cooler case just for dairy and eggs. I wish I could afford to buy our milk here.

Here's the coolers filled with organic produce.... some local... some not.

Lena of Swedebread bakes for J&S and they have space to sit and have a snack before or after you shop. I brought these meringues and biscotti back to the van and we all finished them in record time. Yum!

I also bought 2 quarts of local lard from pastured pork. It was $3.75 a quart and well worth it. I'm not sure I'll go to the trouble to make my own anymore.

I also bought 3 little containers of cinnamon.
We all went home for lunch and nap time then we were on to our next adventure.
Our town had their annual Spring Folly Festival.

It's held in the little historic downtown area and the houses are gorgeous!

Jon wanted to take the kids in the Midway (aka: loud, hot, crowded, overpriced kiddie rides... can you tell I'm not a fan?) I've never liked carnival rides or the hustle and bustle around them. Since Evan seemed nervous about the thought of riding rides and the rides were $3-$5 a piece, I took Evan to the playground nearby and Jon took Charlotte on a ride.

Evan discovered the spiral slide and spent 20 minutes going down, climbing back up, sliding down, repeat about 100 times. I love free fun :)

The funhouse that Jon and Charlotte first went on was loud and not fun like they expected so Charlotte went on the little train and had a great time.

Then she got her face painted. Evan didn't want to have his face painted.

She left her butterfly on until the next evening. She loved the glitter.

Then there were fire trucks. Oh boy! Evan was in heaven! The fire fighter put Evan in the drivers seat and Evan started pulling on levers and pointing to buttons saying, "What that do? What this do?" The fire fighter tried to explain each thing as well as he could to an almost 3 year old.
Charlotte didn't want to take a turn this time.

Then they got to climb onto a fire truck from the 1920's. Charlotte loved this one and couldn't wait for her turn to "drive".
It was a wonderful, exhausting day. We stopped at Panera Bread on the way home for dinner which is a very rare treat for us. We all slept very well that night.