Mother's Day - My Weekend Part I

When Jon asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day, I told him that I wanted to walk through the farmer's market taking my time and see if anything caught my eye. We also wanted to go to a spring festival, and I wanted a clean house and chocolate cake... those will be covered in Part II and III.

So, back to my farmer's market morning....
This is Gail Henderson of Back Porch Pottery. She has beautiful pottery and everything from magnets to pitchers to bowls.
I loved the huge blueish gray one on the right. Maybe next time.

This is bowl I decided to buy myself for Mother's Day. It's about 5 inches tall. I loved the shiny green interior and the rust colored outside. I'm using it to keep my sea salt in for now.

Then I stopped by Pennwood Puritanicals to talk to Anna. She makes the most beautiful goats milk soaps, lotions, and other products. She has every scent you could imagine.

I picked up a bar of unscented for Evan since he has sensitive skin and eczema. Her soap is very gentle and never bothers him.
The kids explored this little bridge/gazebo. They said it was the jungle.

We picked up some really yummy candied pecans from Frank. He had so many great varieties of peanuts too but we had already picked up a bag of roasted peanuts a few minutes before.

I got another gallon of strawberries. This time I asked when they were picked to be sure I didn't end up with rotten berries like the week before. These were picked the day before, not sprayed with any pesticides, and we ate every single one! Not a rotten one in the whole bucket. I think I know who to buy strawberries from now. I plan to pick up much more this weekend so I can start making jam.

This asparagus was so delicious. I wish I could have afforded to buy more but it was $4 a pound so I only bought one pound this time.

And lastly, I bought these 3 huge sweet potatoes that I was told were local but I'm not sure I believe it. Maybe potatoes store that well but I'll have to ask more questions next time.