My Hairy Siblings Come For A Visit

My mom and Mark got the chance to get away for the weekend two weeks ago so my three hairy siblings came for a visit. Oscar spent the weekend cowering and barking defensively even though Mom's dogs never gave him a second thought. I guess if I were 5 pounds, I'd be nervous too. Fern (black and white) and Phoebe (auburn) are greyhounds rescued many years ago after they retired from racing. They are so sweet and gentle. They ran a few laps around the yard then slept the rest of the time.

Mia is a jack russell/poodle mix. She's getting ready to bump that ball with her nose and then go chase it. The kids loved having her around because she's always ready to play fetch and run around the yard with them. She reminds me a lot of our old dog Penny when she was younger.

They all climbed up with me on the big couch while I knitted during naptime.

They're welcome anytime, Mom.