Salem Lake

On Saturday, Jon had the great idea to take a walk at Salem Lake. We got there around 7:30 (we're early risers).

It is one of the few large bodies of water in this area. Well, not large... it's small by most standards but it's big enough to fish in (can you see the boat in the picture below?).
There is a path/road that goes all the way around the lake. It's about 7 miles long. We did not walk around the whole path. We went in a mile and then turned around and walked back.

Do you see the blue heron in the center of the picture? He grabbed a fish and flew away.

The lake is so beautiful that it started reminding me of Kerr Lake where we have camped almost each summer since I was born. As we walked, Jon and I planned our our camping trip this year... the food we'd bring... the campfires... the swimming... Is it July yet?

The kids had fun running up ahead of us on the road. They got good at moving out of the way if a jogger or bike rider headed their way.

Then we came to my new home. Okay, it's just a creek but I think I want to live there. Do you think they'd let me?
The gently rushing water over those huge rocks sounded so peaceful. (Is gently rushing an oxymoron?)

There is a huge rock surface to stand on so you can get really close to the water.

Can you see our little cabin in the woods? No? I guess I was dreaming again.

If the kids hadn't gotten antsy, I think I could have stayed there all day.
What do you say, Mom? Want to go with me sometime and we can bring our knitting/hand quilting and some camp chairs? I'll pack the lunch and we can spend a day by "Becky's Babbling Brook". (I just named that body of water. I figured if I was going to live there, it needed a name)

It was a great morning.