Flower Shaped Felted Bowl

This year I've had fun knitting my family presents for their birthday. The added challenge is that my sister, mom, dad, and brother all have birthdays in the spring.... no sweaters, scarves, mittens, etc. Luckily a hobby of mine is searching Ravelry so the challenge was a fun one.

For my mom's birthday I knit her two flower shaped bowls and felted them (washing wool in a way that purposely shrinks it).
I used this pattern from Ravelry and I used worsted weight wool leftover from other projects. They knitted up looking like floppy hats but when you felt the wool it tightens up to form a bowl that you can shape as it dries.
I had some issues with this blue bowl. The outer edge was done with Jacob wool that I picked up at a local fiber festival. It didn't felt like the other wool.

See how you can see the stitches when you stretch the fabric? You shouldn't be able to see that. I washed it a second time trying to felt it further but it still looked like this. So this flower will have droopy petals.
They were fun and pretty easy to knit up (though I really can't stand K3tog!). I think I'll make myself a few of them one day.