Mother's Day - Nana Edition

We celebrated Mother's Day with my mom a week early. The gift she requested was help planting annuals in her many pots and planters. So, since Jon was away for the day with the middle school band, the kids and I headed over for a day at Nana and Grandpa's house. The chicken coop is done and it looks great! The 4 hens and 1 rooster are so happy with their new digs.
It's a beautiful coop and it's designed to keep them well protected against predators.

Soon we'll be able to help check for eggs when we visit Nana. They haven't started laying yet but it shouldn't be too long.

Charlotte and Evan wanted to go over and look at the lake. What a gorgeous lake to have right across the street! My mom and Mark plan to get a paddle boat soon so we can take little trips around the lake.
On the overflow side of the lake, little water birds swooped by to grab insects. Nana and the kids had a good time waiting for them to swoop by.
This columbine is one of the MANY gorgeous flowers in my mom's yard. (It is columbine, right Mom?)
Look at all those beautiful plants waiting to be planted.

We set up under the shade of their deck and worked fast since it was a hot, muggy day. We did most of our planting while the kids took their naps but Evan joined us for a snack after he woke up.

Then the kids helped me fill the last few pots.

Dirt sure is fun, isn't it?

This is only a small portion of the probably 30? pots we planted that day. I'm going to take more pictures the next time I'm over to show you how pretty they turned out.
I had such fun helping mom plant like we used to do when I still lived at home. She has a true gift for gardening and plants thrive under her care. I can't wait to watch her deck transform into a garden paradise!