Strawberry Season

A week and a half ago, I bought 6 gallons of strawberries at the farmer's market at $8 a gallon (a pretty good price for around here). I'm glad I bought them when I did because it seems strawberry season is ending a bit early this year due to the early heat and lack of rain we had this spring.

I made 3 batches of freezer jam with about 2 of the gallons.

With most of the rest of the strawberries, I pureed them in the food processor and bagged them in 2 cup amounts and froze them. The strawberry puree will be used to make mixed berry jams when other berries are in season or to add to applesauce in the fall. I froze 10 two cup bags.

I saved one gallon of strawberries for us to enjoy fresh. And enjoy we did! This is Charlotte's strawberry shortcake. She told me exactly how she wanted it assembled and was very specific about only 1 strawberry on top.

I think she approves.