Rag Rugs!

I have been on a major project making kick lately. I am really trying to get my craft room cleaned out before I start a long run of weddings in June and so I have been working hard to get things used up and old projects finished. Another thing that has been prompting me to get projects done is because our local Republican group is having a fundraiser and I have been making things to go on a silent auction.

  I have made/finished several rag rugs lately. Here they are:
These are crocheted. I had started them a while ago and it was fun to get them finished. The big one headed out to make the tree fort more comfortable and the other one I am putting on the silent auction. I love the way I can use up lots of rags and scraps with them.

This one was a totally new kind of project for me. I had a bunch of little double knit squares (that had been given to me) in my craft supplies and I had seen a similar idea to this on a blog a long time ago (but it was rectangular and it was done in rows) so I wanted to give it a try. I was wanting some instructions to follow and after some googling I found these telling how to make a rug like I did above except with denim (which I think sounds really cute and I want to try someday!).

Here is a close up of the rug. I folded a bunch of little squares in half to make them triangular and then sewed them on in a spiral onto a sturdy piece of fabric. This is a fairly fast rug to make and I thought it was fun. It is a great way to use up all sorts of scraps.

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