Thrift Store Bargains

Last Wednesday my favorite thrift store, Mega Thrift, had a sale that I couldn't resist.... 50% off of EVERYTHING!! So after shopping for over an hour, here's what I took home.

I found this great set of Byrd's Tranquil melamine dishes from the 60's?? There's between 5-8 of each item in the set including cups, tiny bowls, saucers, small plates, and large plates. I thought they would be perfect for the kids to use. Now if I could find a good place to put them in my tiny kitchen, I'd be set. Charlotte played tea party with them as soon as she woke up the next morning. Not bad for $3.50!!

I found this cute bowl for $.99. It's about 8" high and I like that it has a pour spout.

These three bowls nest inside one another and the largest bowl is the perfect size for muffin/cake batter. Now, if only I could find room in my cabinets for them. I'm sensing a pattern here. The set was $3.
I also bought 9 summer shirts. I was so glad to find some great shirts. I hadn't bought new summer clothes in many years and it showed.
So, my grand total for the shirts and the plates and bowls was $21!!! I did have a $5 off coupon for donating a big bag of clothes when I got there so my total would have been $26 but even that would have been a steal.