35 ways to reuse tin cans

Any of you who read my blog often know that I love to reuse things. Today I thought it would be fun to share a collection of things you can make using tin cans. Many we have made and many more we would like to make sometime. :-) I have tried to give links to photos and instructions if possible. If you know of some other neat use for old tin cans that I don't mention, please tell me about it in the comments!

  1. Double boiler saucepan for making candles.

  2. Molds for candles (the smooth edged little cans.)

  3. Make a tin can knitter. (Something on my list of things I think it would be fun to do with my kids)

  4. Make Luminaries.Simply put water in the can and freeze it and then draw a design on a piece of paper and lay it on the can and use a hammer and nail and punch a design. You freeze the water in it so the can doesn't dent when you are hammering. Paint it if you desire. (here are some 4th of July ones)

  5. The base for a centerpiece

  6. Make a hobo stove for camping. (I have long planned to try this but never have.)

  7. Make Boston Brown Bread (you use tin cans for the "pan")

  8. Kids craft: Tin can lamb.

  9. Or let them make a Turkey.

  10. A kitchen utensil holder (Similar idea as the vases just much bigger!)

  11. Tin Can dollhouse furniture. (and I can imagine some that are much simpler to make than where the link goes.)

  12. Punch holes in the end and then pour water in it to softly water your seedlings.

  13. Set melons (in your garden) up on a tin can to ripen with out rotting where they touch the ground.

  14. Tin can lid matching game. If you have the type of can opener that unseals rather than cuts (so there are no sharp edges!) you can put stickers on one side

  15. Tin can Dog Robot

What else can you add to the list?

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