A patriotic table runner

 Well I am finally back to posting projects (I have had quite a few I have wanted to post but these last couple weeks have been busy so I haven't had time to post) but I am taking a little break from the wool skirt project because I wanted to share this patriotic project before Independence day.

   I made this table runner back in May to sell at the silent auction for our republican fundraiser. Part of me was hoping it didn't sell because I rather would have liked it for my table. It did sell though -which was the point- so I have been hoping to make another one for me but haven't had time yet. I have the stuff I need which was leftover from making a booth backdrop.

To make the runner I cut a piece of red felt long enough to drape over the ends of my table and about 18 inches wide. I cut the ends to a point. The I cut a way blue piece to go in the middle and wavy white stripes from white felt to place on it too. Then I cut out stars from all three colors in three different sizes and just put them on randomly. Some of them I stacked because I thought it looked neat.
 I then pinned everything in place and top stitched everything on. I also top stitched all around the sides. That took a while and I think you could make this a lot faster by hot glueing things in place but I think the stitching is more durable and looks a bit better.

So if you are looking for a way to make your home look patriotic maybe you would like to try this table runner. I thought it was a lot of fun!