Last Week's Garden

I really should post pictures of the garden as soon as I take them because this time of year the garden changes daily. Here are some pictures of last week. The sugar snap peas were ready for their first harvest.

I got a gallon sized ziploc full of them. I love them raw and I love them cooked... an all around favorite veggie for me. I'll definitely be growing them again next year.

The lettuce is still thriving despite our hot weather. Luckily it's rained a lot lately so the garden is overall pretty happy.

The kholrabi is thriving. I think I'll be harvesting some this weekend.

This is a head of the Ermosa Butterhead lettuce. It's beautiful. I like it's taste though the romaine is my favorite for it's crunch.

I harvested some swiss chard for my mom. She loves greens. I like them sparingly so I only grow a small patch of them.

Sorting through the harvest.
I'll hopefully post some new pictures of the garden today or tomorrow. I need to get out there this morning and do some work... weeding, pulling up bolted broccoli raab, mulching, etc.