Lots of Abbis (Abbys) in blogland

 I have always liked my name Abbi (short from Abbigail) and its meaning : source of joy, but growing up I knew no other Abbis (or Abby). In the last ten years I have started meeting Abbys but most of them are 20 years or so younger than I am. I never minded having a unique name, in fact I was very glad that I didn't have one that was so common that about everywhere you went you had the same name as somebody else. It has been fun however to find others out there in blogland that are not only named Abby but they are close(r) to my age. I thought it would be fun to share some of those blogs with you.

  • Dear Abbi Is another homeschooling Mom. When I saw her link one day on Frugal Friday, I believe, I had to go check it out as finding someone else with the same spelling as me is even more unusual thatn just finding an Abby.
  • Grace, Hope, Love, Joy is written by Abigail Jasmine. She and her husband are currently in South Korea. It has been fun to read about their adventures there.
  • A Feathered Nest This Abby enjoys sharing fun and simple projects. She has nice pictures and an upbeat blog.
  • Style Me Pretty is a fun wedding blog written mostly by Abby Larson. I enjoy reading some wedding blogs to help keep me up to date with my wedding flower business. 
  • Abby's Blog is about Abby Sunderland, a homeschooled 16 year olds solo sailing trip around the world. She is traveling right now and blogging as she goes. The kids and I have found this very interesting.
I hope you have fun checking them out too.