Leftover Sock Yarn Made Into Christmas Ornaments

I had a bit of sock yarn leftover from the full sized socks I knitted and decided to start making Christmas ornaments. I'm hoping to have enough of these made by Christmas to give to relatives this Christmas. These socks are so tiny but super fast to knit. You use the same needles and yarn to make regular socks so it's not hard on my fingers to make something that small. I used this pattern and they were a snap to make. Each one takes me about an hour and a half.
I've since made 2 other tiny socks. It's amazing how little yarn you need to make a teeny tiny sock.
After knitting a few tiny socks, I tried my hand at a tiny top-down sweater. I used this pattern. I've never made a full sized top-down sweater so I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was. I'm definitely going to be knitting a full sized top-down sweater soon.

How cute is that? I think I'll try to find a pattern for an even smaller sweater since this one is a bit big for an ornament but it would fit a Barbie perfectly!