Charlotte's Cotton Tank Top

Cotton yarn was on sale at JoAnne's recently so I got a huge skein and started this tank top. I loved knitting it because it had an incredible amount of stockinette stitch knit in the round which means lots and lots of just plain ol' knit stitch. I knit this without thinking or looking at what I was doing much (on the skirt at least).

The yarn I used is Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Twists (Lava Lamp Twists). It's funny how it looks mostly green from far away but close up the pink stands out.

I'm so glad I knit the skirt an inch longer then the pattern called for because it shrank 2" in length when I washed it. Next time I'll knit it even longer to anticipate shrinkage.

The bodice turned out MUCH larger then I think it was supposed to. I'm not sure what went wrong because all the stitch counts matched up and I followed the directions exactly.

So, instead of ripping out all of that knitting, I grabbed the sewing machine and made the bodice smaller. It's a bit of a bulky fix and it won't win any awards but it took 10 minutes versus a couple of days to fix. It made a pleat in the back of the skirt but it doesn't look too bad. I also shortened the straps.
I think I'll try this pattern again because this style of top is so cute on Charlotte but I'll be reworking the pattern to make the bodice fit.