Praising our God!

"Tell everyone on this earth to shout praises to God!
Sing about His glorious name.
Honor Him with praises."
Psalm 66:1 & 2

I haven't managed to write my gratitude list the last few Mondays but since I am able to upload pictures again and I have managed to find a little time I decided to go ahead and do it now. There are so many things that I want to praise and thank God for!
#615 The 3 oldest kids being able to go to Bible camps.
#616 Being able to go and explore and have fun as a family at the boys' campground.
#617 The many lakes of Minnesota

#618 Fun ways to explore the lakes.
#619 Being able to mix work (delivering wedding flowers) and pleasure (going canoeing with my sister and kids).
#620 Nobody getting poison ivy from the island full of it that we landed on.

#621 All the rain that we have been getting lately and the beautiful rainbows that come with it.
#622 The friends that we are blessed to have from all around the world.
#623 A fun visit with a couple of our international friends.
#624 Getting to see History in action at the living history museum at Fort Snelling.

#625 Mara's absolute enjoyment of learning.
#626 That our normal beds are much more comfortable than these! (A sloping platform that the guards and Fort Snelling got to sleep on.)
#627 That we can have fun seeing all the old ways of doing things but that we can still live in a modern world with plumbing, refrigeration and much more!

#628 Safe Travel.

#629 Vacuum cleaners that work again. I didn't realize how much I rely on them until I have to go without for a while!
#630 The opportunities I have had lately to spend with friends both old friends and brand new ones.

#631 Fun one on one times with Megan.

#632 Learning what a great helper she can be.

#633 New life that God gives! It has been fun to be around a pregnant friend (due before long), see a new baby and hear exciting news of someone else expecting. Every new life is certainly a gift from God!

#634 The excitement of children!

#635 The grace, mercy and strength that God gives.

I am feeling very blessed, I hope you are too!