Three Years Already?

Last week we spent the week in Pennsylvania visiting Jon's family. While we were there, Evan turned three. Three years ago he was a tiny baby.... well, if you call 9 lbs 14 oz. tiny.

Now he's three and busy, curious, affectionate, and funny. He's Charlotte's best friend and continues to teach her to be outgoing. He's Jon's partner in mischief.... they have the same cheeky grin when they're planning something funny. Evan is my snuggle buddy and the only person in the house, other then me, that can find things they've misplaced. I'm thankful for that one every day!
Evan loves anything that has wheels so I made him a car cake. I kept it simple since I was going to be baking at my in-laws house and then bringing it to their campground later. I made a kitchen-sink carrot cake since I needed a cake that would stay moist. It was really good and I loved the addition of the diced dried pineapple. I frosted it with buttercream icing that I colored green and sprinkled with green dyed coconut for grass. I made a road with black icing and added matchbox cars and road sign cupcake pics. The signs might have been overkill but I thought they were cute.

He blew out his candle like a pro.
If you ask him now how old he is, he says, "I not 2 anymore.... I turn it into three!". As you can see, Jon's family knows how much he loves cars. The wooden trucks/cars that Aunt Suzanne found are really cool.
Happy Birthday, Evan-ator!