A decorated wreath {Wool skirts project #3}

In wool skirt project #1 I made melted flowers from the skirt lining. I got to thinking that they would be pretty on a wreath but I wanted some other flower to go with them. I ran across this very cool Calla Lily wreath where she made the calla lilies out of burlap and other funky fabrics. I liked hers very much but was wanting something a little more elegant to match the other flowers and also I wanted to use my wool skirts!

   I decided to use the cream colored skirt and make calla lily shapes like she had instructed but I made mine only one layer. The one layer wasn't stiff enough to work as is so I decided to paint them with modge podge. I did that and let them dry part way and then I shaped them. I also decided to use a bead in the middle as I thought that would match the look of the other flowers as I had a bead in the middle of them as well.

After the flowers were done I had lots of fun putting them on the wreath. I added dried eucalyptus, moss and lichen, a lotus pod, sweet gum pods a peacock feather, ribbon and anything else I thought looked nice.

  This wreath got sold at the silent auction at our Republican fundraiser but I hope to make another one soon. While I was making the grapevine wreath for this one (from some trimmed grapevine from a friend) I made a couple more as well for other projects.

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I would have liked to post more pictures of the wreath but I guess I have run out of room on Picasa so I have things I need to figure out there and for now they won't let me upload anymore pictures. On Sunday I wasn't able to blog either because of some problem with blogger. I guess this is a challenging blogging week for me. I am not so good with all these techie things!

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