Knitted Socks... 4 Months In The Making

Back in February, I started these socks as part of a knitting Olympics. I finished them a few weeks ago so I don't think I will qualify for any medals. I got a little overwhelmed when I started knitting them and would get stressed out anticipating the next step in the process and I'd put the sock in the bottom of the bag for a week or two. When I finally worked up the courage to knit that next step, it was never has hard as I thought it was going to be. Still I was sure that next step was surely going to be too hard and I'd wait again. So, it took me 4 months to find out that socks are not that hard to knit. Each step is pretty easy once you learn how to do it. I think the first sock took 3 months to knit and the second one only a week or two. Here they are. One is slightly longer then the other and overall they're too long in the instep. There are a few little mistakes but happily they don't really show when I'm wearing them.

They're really comfortable and feel like they were made for my feet.
I used the sock pattern that came with "The Art of Knitting II, DVD". It has a sock knit-a-long that was SO helpful! You watch a step on the video and then the DVD pauses on it's own until you continue on after you've completed that step.
The toe is a bit pointy for me so next time I think I'll decrease a bit faster, making the toe more blunt.

The yarn is a sock weight yarn, "Regia" in the color "Partie". I love the yarn but it does have quite a twist in it making the ribbing look a bit off. The stockinette parts looked fine though.

So, I've now gotten over my irrational fear of knitting socks and I've gotten used to double pointed needles. I loved how knitting socks is so portable. They hardly take up any space in a purse or knitting bag. I think I'd like to always have a sock in progress so I can have something to do while I wait in line or ride in the car.
Now I need to get some Birkenstocks this fall to show off my knitted socks. I wonder if that's why hippies wore them. Were they all sock knitters?