Who Needs A Dirt Pit?

The kids have a designated area for digging in our backyard. We put down a thick bed of mulch, put pavers around the perimeter..... but this is what I saw when I checked on the kids yesterday afternoon..... Apparently it's much more fun to bring a big bucketful of dirt onto the patio and play in it there instead of in the dirt pit.

Evan's bulldozer's job was to push the dirt to Charlotte's awaiting pick up truck.... Charlotte would then drive the dirt to her "garden"... and the process would start again.

My general rule of thumb is if the kids are playing happily and nicely, ignore the mess.. or in this case the dirt on the patio. And that's just what I did. I went back inside to make dinner and they had fun with that pile of dirt for an hour.... when at that point Jon carried them to the tub after they put most of the dirt back in the dirt pit.
Summertime... it doesn't get much better....