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ecogenerator HYBRIS

The ecogenerator HYBRIS Power: heat and produce Electricity

This innovation is based on the combination of a condensing gas boiler coupled to a Stirling engine. The boiler ecogenerator HYBRIS Power is a heating system that can also generate electricity , all to reduce up to 30% of the overall energy bill .

Marketing 2011, pilot operations initiated in 2010

Innovation and Energy Performance

as compact as a conventional single boiler, the boiler De Dietrich ecogenerator to use the technique of condensation (gas energy) and associates it with a stirling engine. It produces heat and electricity while controlling their energy consumption.

In summary, the device generates electricity in gas prices and you save money on each kWh consumed!

  • Discounts up to 30% of the overall energy bill *
  • Power: on average 50 to 80% of your consumption
  • Protecting the Planet: reducing CO2 up to 35% or 1 tonne of CO2 per year ** Ideal
  • renovation: compact, fits the ecogenerator everywhere as a boiler wall and can also be combined in a multi -energies.

efficiency tested

Since 2007, De Dietrich has conducted field tests in northern Europe of this new technology. These have been conducted on over 100 machines in partnership with major players in the market for supplying gas and electricity. In France, pilot operations are launched in 2010 for commercialization in 2011.

* compared to a conventional gas boiler for 20 years without regulation
** Based refusal marginal CO2 600g/kWh electric