Crepe Myrtles

Our Crepe Myrtle trees in our backyard are finally big enough to have big flower sprays this year.
My Mom and Mark's old house had a ton of Crepe Myrtles and at their base were little saplings. Several times throughout the past few years she'd give us some of the saplings and we'd plant them in our backyard and cross our fingers. Now we have about 7 small Crepe Myrtles. One of my favorite things about them is the wide range of colors we have. They're almost all a different color.
This one is my favorite. Last year we left it in a rain barrel for a couple months before planting it. It has done really well this year and look at the colors! There are two different colors of flowers. Light purple flowers are on the right and pink are on the left. I must have grabbed saplings from two different types of Crepe Myrtles.

This picture is blurry but I love the bright pink of this one.

These two trees have different approaches to growing... one tall and lean and the other shorter and wider. They remind me of that nursery rhyme about Jack Sprat.
The kids and I just got back from a week long trip to my sister's house while Jon was busy with Marching Band Camp. We had a great time and I can't wait to show you pictures of our adventures in the coming days!