Twas The Night Before Kindergarten....

Tomorrow is the big day... the very first day of Kindergarten!

Charlotte couldn't be more excited. I thought I'd show a few pictures of how we've gotten ready for the big day. We ordered her lunch box from I wanted her to have a lunch box with a matching thermos like I used to take to school. She picked My Little Pony.

Earlier this week we went to her open house.
She found her seat. She got to meet her teacher and her teacher's assistant. I was thrilled to find out that her teacher is actually a friend of mine. It's nice to see a familiar face when this transition to "big school" can be so overwhelming.

This is the school library. The school is almost brand new. Last year was it's first year open. Our school system is pretty big and her school has 900 K-6th graders! That's a big change from my little elementary school that had 200 kids.

Charlotte is VERY excited about the cafeteria. She has been ready to pack her lunch box for months now. She can't wait to eat lunch at school.
After open house we went to Walmart to pick up her school supplies. Charlotte had school money from Aunt Suzanne & Uncle Dave and Grammy and Grandpa. We gave her a little guidance but let her make the decisions on what to buy.
She bought a new outfit for the first day of school. I love that most skirts come with shorts under them for this age. She has yet to learn how to sit lady-like in skirts.

She had a lot of fun in the hair accessory department. I love fixing her hair in the morning so having a bin full of new hair stuff is pretty exciting for me too.

And of course she got her school supplies too.

Charlotte and I packed her lunch this evening and got her clothes all laid out. I'm hoping she doesn't wake up too early tomorrow morning because she has a big day ahead of her. I can't believe how grown up our little girl is.