Our Visit to Katie's House

The kids and I traveled to Maryland during the first week of August to stay with my sister and her family. Jon was going to be working 12+ hours a day since it was the first week of marching band camp so he stayed home.

My sister, Katie, also blogged about our visit.

I helped Katie bring some of her homemade crafts to her local fair grounds to enter them.

I loved her picture of her turkey. Unfortunately she didn't place with this picture but she did really well otherwise.

Doesn't everyone have turkey's on their roof??

Evan liked playing in Elmer's crate. See... you can give kids all kinds of fancy toys and what do they play with?.... animal crates!

Charlotte had a great time playing with her cousins, Kylee and Devin.

On Saturday, Katie, Evan and I went to their local farmer's market. There were some beautiful booths set up by the vendors. Our local farmers don't worry so much about aesthetics. I enjoyed seeing their displays.
I love the bell tower in the background.
This bakery stand had the most beautiful breads. I bought a loaf of sourdough. It was beautiful.

Evan enjoyed checking out the canon.

Katie has a few guineas and boy do they make a crazy amount of noise! They have such beautiful feathers though. I love the soft gray of this guinea.

Evan made Katie beautiful. Devin is playing cards with David in the back and if you look carefully, you can see Charlotte in the doorway wearing her tutu.

Broiler chickens, laying chickens, turkeys, and guineas.... who ALL run at you if they think it's time to eat. It was a sight to behold!

I helped Katie can some venison steaks. She got a new pressure canner for Christmas and this was it's maiden canning voyage.
My job was to stuff the jars full of the meat and broth and get the air bubbles out. (I love the way that Elmer sits with his bottom tucked under)
We had a great week. It made me really sad that we don't live closer.... maybe one day.