Saving money by doing less running (you know the running you do in a vehicle...)

Last night I was contemplating on what I should write about for Frugal Friday. We save money in many ways but I was trying to think of something I haven't written on before. The money saving tip that I thought of was: "Stay home more, combine errands and stay away from stores. :-)

  Okay,  maybe we don't have to completely stay away from stores though that probably would save quite a lot, but running to them less can help save money too. This is the way I was raised and I try to do that now that I am grown as well.

   My goal is to going shopping once a week at most (preferably every two weeks) and only go to the super Walmart (which is my major shopping trip), once a month. I also try to combine other errands together. For example: We are invited over to a friends home tomorrow. As we go there and back I also have come up with some other errands that need to be run such as: Pick up something at the church building, drop off recycling and buy some stuff for an upcoming wedding. That could have been 4 separate trips but instead I combine it all into one trip.

  The benefits I find in combining trips are this:
  • I save money on gas.
  • I save wear and tear on our vehicle.
  • I save time.
  • And I have less stress of rounding children up, getting them loaded and then unloaded many more times.
  Some things that help us to accomplish this a little easier are:
  • Keep a running list of things we need at the grocery store. That way when I do go I can get everything.
  • Keep a list of errands I need to run. So when I do have to go out I will remember what other errands I want to do at the same time.
  • Keep water bottles, snacks and kids magazines in the van so even if errand running gets long, the kids stay happy.
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to the store by being willing to substitute and make do. Here is a list of food substitutions you can make.
I am curious how often do you go to the grocery store? Or do you have any other tips to share for staying home more?

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