Knitted Birthday Gifts

This year I've tried to knit as many birthday gifts as I can. I like the challenge of finding something that I think the recipient will like.

While I was visiting my sister, Kylee and David celebrated their birthdays.
For Kylee I knitted a necklace and a doll necklace from a "Bag Smith" Dazzling Dangles kit. It was the first time I've incorporated beads in my knitting and it was much simpler then I thought it would be. The necklaces came together pretty quickly.
There was enough yarn to make Charlotte a matching set.

I knitted my brother-in-law a truck washcloth. Katie told me that the kid's Easter washcloths I made them were too small for David's hands so I was sure to make this one big enough. I used this pattern . I used a size 8 needle instead of 6 to make sure it turned out larger and I added a few stitches to each side to make the cloth wider. I think he got a kick out of the trucks.