Happy Birthday!

Well, this post is 3 days late but better late then never, right? Jon turned 32 on Saturday. The kids and I decorated the table and hung balloons. The kids made him some presents (desk decorations, etc for his work desk) and we bought him the violent video game he's been wanting for a long time (to be played when children are in bed). As you can see from the picture, he was very excited to get the game.

I baked a four layer Buckeye Peanut-butter Fudge Cake . I reduced the sugar in the cake by a cup and reduced the sugar in the peanut butter filling by a cup and still this cake was over-the-top rich and sweet. I made chocolate buttercream icing for the top instead of ganache. The cake was delicious but I could only each half of a small piece at a time.
I made him a birthday dinner of cheese burgers, oven-roasted garden potatoes, and corn on the cob.
Happy Birthday, Hon! I hope you had a great day. We're lucky to have such a wonderful husband and dad!