Thanks for Kleenex and laughter and so much more...

holy experience
"When you have eaten and are satisfied, you shall bless the Lord your God for the
good land which He has given you." Deuteronomy 8:10
And so my thanks continues for all the good things that God has blessed me with...
#692 Little nurse Megan who happily cared for Mara when Mara had a nasty bad headache.
#693 That Mara's headache went away after a little nap out in the fresh air.
#694 Chickens
#695 I am especially thankful right now for some former pen mates of the ones pictured above whom I helped my parents to butcher and some of which are now in my freezer.
#696 Beautiful weather for butchering- nice and cool and breezy.
#697 My fun boys who like to climb trees.

#698 And the girls too!

#699 A fun family evening at the community appreciation event put on by the University.

#700 A quiet and peaceful lake.

#701 Telephones.

#702 Figuring out ways to be less busy.

#703 A fun flower design class for an upcoming wedding. (The bride and her attendants and mother all came over and I showed them how to make the wedding flowers. It was fun even though I had a cold and wasn't feeling to wonderful.)

#704 Plenty of good clean water.

#705 Lemon juice and honey.

#706 Handkerchiefs and Kleenex.

#707 Hot showers.

#708 A soft pillow.

#709 Some good books.

#710 A very scary tiger to make me laugh. (She went with Ken to an event that all of us had planned to go too but several of us stayed home because we were sick. She came back with this face and wanted to wear it to bed so she could wear it to church the next day. :-)

#711 A God who we can totally be in awe of.

#712 The promise of heaven (an amazingly wonderful place!) some day.

What are you thankful for?