Our Camping Vacation - Part 4

When it's in the upper 90's and it's too hot to nap in the tent, drag the beds outside under the trees. It was still hot but each kiddo had a cool washcloth for their tummy's or heads to help keep them cool.

I had to cover Evan's pack n play with a blanket because the sun kept peeking through the trees.

A post-nap snuggle in the hammock.

It rained the night the Nana and Grandpa got to camp and the power went out. Denise (seen blurry in the picture above) and Chris got creative and formed a baking pan out of a aluminum oven liner and warmed mom's chicken pot pie over the campfire. They saved the day by giving us all a warm dinner on a rainy night. Mark and Chris suspended a tarp over the campfire to keep the rain off.

We huddled in the dark in our camp chairs and ate our dinners. Camping is all about adventure!

Campfires are so pretty at night.

The kids loved riding their bikes in the mornings while it was still cool... well, cooler at least.

We saw a Great Egret while we were swimming one day. There are plenty of Blue Herons at the lake but this is the first Great Egret that I had seen. It was so pretty and delicate looking.

Nana loves to float in the lake for hours at a time. The kids were happy to join her.

Oscar isn't a big fan of camping so he preferred to spend time on Charlotte's bed snuggled up with her teddy bear. (though his favorite spot was in Nana's and Grandpa's RV where it was nice and cool!)

Nana's cockatiel, Phineas, (Phinny) came along for the camping trip. He is so gentle and smart. He sings the theme song to The Andy Griffith Show, he beeps like the microwave, he whistles for the dogs to come in, and he gives kisses.

Evan thought it was so funny to have a bird on his shoulder.

Charlotte watched a quilting video of Nana's during nap time while Jon read a book.
Stay tuned tomorrow for the 5th and final installment of our Camp Vacation pictures. I'll understand if you run screaming from the computer now or develop an eye twitch every time you see "Camping" as part of a blog title now.