Whole Wheat Now or Later Cinnamon Rolls

I love cinnamon rolls. I love them warm. I love them cold. I love them with raisins and nuts. I love them plain.
I don't love them a day after they're baked..... until now.

I recently found a cinnamon roll recipe that stays soft and fresh for days after they're baked. This will be the only cinnamon roll in my recipe box from now on.

The recipe only calls for a small amount of sugar in the dough and no sugar in the filling. You can read more about why this makes for a softer roll on the King Arthur flour blog but it has to do with sugar absorbing moisture. The sugary fillings of most cinnamon rolls pull moisture out of the bread and leave it dry. You add the frosting right before they're served. Since the frosting is so sweet, you never miss the fact that there's no sugar in the filling.

Do you like my sand castle cinnamon rolls? My rolls always rise upward from the center instead of rising evenly. Not sure what that's about.

I added raisins and walnuts to the filling of this double batch of rolls. I put half of the rolls into the freezer after they were baked so I would have cinnamon rolls ready whenever we had a craving.

Now or Later Cinnamon Buns

I use mostly Whole Wheat flour and vital wheat gluten to help it rise. I also skip the dry milk and milk and use almond milk instead.

Instead of the frosting the recipe called for, I used some leftover cinnamon buttercream that I made the day before for pumpkin cupcakes (that blog post coming soon). The rolls were incredible!