Maryland Blue Crabs!

While we were at my sister's house a few weeks ago, I got to enjoy one of my favorite things about Maryland.... Blue Crabs! We had a cook out and Dad and Lisa bought the crabs. Thanks guys!

Evan preferred the watermelon and hotdogs. Both of the kids tried a bite of crab meat but they both wrinkled their noses. You can tell my kids haven't been raised in Maryland.

Devin made quick work of his watermelon. Katie's kids loved crab meat. I was hoping that would rub off on my kiddos but no such luck.

The highlight of the whole visit for Evan was a ride on Uncle David's lawn tractor. David let him steer it all by himself. It was only moving about 1 mile and hour. Evan's face was so serious with concentration. When David turned off the tractor, Evan said, "Want to drive more!".

Devin finished parking it in the garage.

My brother, Chris and my Dad had a battle with pop ball shooters that Dad brought for the kids. It was fun watching them play like kids.

Then Chris turned the shooter on Katie who was taking the picture.

The next day, Katie and I picked the crab meat from the half bushel of crabs that were leftover. We split the 2 pounds of meat between us and froze it. Now I have a pound of blue crab meat in my freezer for crab cakes this winter!