Yesterday was Jonathan's 9th birthday. We had a wonderful day! The main reason (in my perspective) that it was so wonderful was because of Jonathan's attitude. He was full of gratefulness.

  As I was preparing for his birthday (getting gifts and such ready) I wondered if this would be a very exciting birthday for him. To me it felt like we had one gift I knew he would really like (Legos) but the others I wasn't sure that he would find terribly exciting (books and such). The kids had also made him gifts.

   On his birthday morning we gave Jonathan his gifts. He chose to open Megan's first. It was something she had come up with all by herself and made with just a tiny gluing help from Mara. It was a doll of sorts, made from Styrofoam. Now Jonathan is a boy and he is 9 and I don't think a Styrofoam doll was high on his lists of wants but you couldn't tell that when he opened the gift. He admired it and very sincerely thanked Megan. I was so proud of him!

  Then he opened a sword made from Popsicle sticks and foil from Aaron and admired it and thanked him and then the gifts from Mara and us. He sincerely admired and appreciated each and every one of them.

  After we ate our breakfast of waffles (a favorite around here) we headed to church. On our way there Jonathan remarked, "I think this is the best birthday I have ever had." The birthday as I have noted was nothing extra special but Jonathan was truly feeling grateful. That attitude continued all day long, he loved each gift received and all the food I prepared. He said next year he hopes to have another birthday just like this one!

  It is amazing how good we feel when we know that someone appreciates what we have done for them. This year in my wedding floral business I have had some other example of that. When I do flowers for somebody, they pay me to do it (though I have had fun doing friends flowers as gifts). I don't expect them to send a thank you note or anything of the sort. This year especially however it has been such a delight for me to receive e-mail and cards in the mail  saying thank you for the flowers and that they loved them.

  One that particularly surprised me was from a bride just 2 days after the wedding. She didn't even wait for the honeymoon to be over. Around a day later came another note from her mother whom I had never dealt with. They both thanked me and told me how much they loved the flowers. Their gratitude and appreciation made me feel so good.

   As I have been thinking about how much I appreciate people saying thank you, it makes me realize how much God probably wants to hear us say thank you. I do something for a client for a fee and yet they thank me, but God freely and abundantly blesses us and so often we forget to say thank you. In my life I want to always remember to say thank you!

  So here is part of the list I am thank-ful to God for....

#675 Stories read in the back of the van as we drive.

#676 A bit of shared laughter over the antics of Brer' Rabbit.

#677 Much zucchini shared with us.

#678 Willing helpers to process it all and get it in the freezer.

#679 Fun times being in a parade.

#680 Megan and all of us surviving her first driving lesson even though I and others had to help her steer pretty much all of the parade and holler for her to take her foot of the gas.

#681 Ken having a safe business trip.

#682 Ken being home with us again! How I miss him when he is gone!

#683 Summer- the time of many flowers.

#684 My growing up girl who has done dishes twice for me lately without being asked! She is such a sweetheart and I love her so. I am so thankful to God for the family He has blessed me with.

#685 A beautifully clean and quiet beach and lake.

#686 Friends that we can just spend time with and relax.

#687 Windy days for drying laundry on the line.

#688 E-mail notes from friends.

#689 The color green.

#690 Fresh herbs from the garden.

#691 Peace and rest in our God.

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What are you thanking God for this week?