Liana's Order - Part 1

She gave me this Alphabet panel - small square pictures of alphabets on white background. So I squared them up nicely and decided on the 3 colors of the alphabet - red, green & blue. Luckily I had these BRIGHT fabrics in reds, greens & blues, so I cut them up into 2" strips and framed the squares accordingly. Next was a 1" solid white as sashing.

The white solid went all around as 1st border as well. As it was still bright, I wanted to tone it down further by putting a 3" very pale blue fabric as 2nd border. The FINALE was strips and strips and strips of 2" various bright fabrics in the same 3 colors - reds, greens & blues.

Binding fabric was a toned down white with tiny blue & black patterns and binding was my faithful marbled dark blue (I'm running out of it by now!).

Looking good here. Hope you're happy with it Liana!

Measurement : 42" W X 62" L
Made out of 100% American cotton
Status : SOLD!