Our Camping Vacation - Part 5

The evening that we made our decision to leave camp the following morning, the sky gave us a double rainbow. I took that as a sign that we were making the right decision. It was going to be 100* the next day and I couldn't face another day of sweating, cranky kids, and no appetite due to the heat.

This is Jon's great castle/dam/fort that he built while we were there. I wish I had gotten an earlier picture of it before it was worn away. It was quite impressive and lined with pine cones as decoration.

I had to take another picture of the rainbows. They were so amazing. It made the thunderstorm we'd had earlier in the evening worth it.

That evening it was cool enough to have one last campfire. Jon built up a huge fire. He doesn't believe in doing things in a small way.

Evan had a hard time falling asleep that night so I brought him out for a few minutes to sit with me by the fire.

Jon took this really neat picture of the fire. He and I sat up until 11:00 talking. As some of you know, that's REALLY late for me. It was a great way to end our camping trip.

Jon decided to sleep under the stars on our final night so he pulled his air mattress out of the tent and slept by the fire. This is how I found him the next morning. I opted to stay in the tent that protected me from the creepy crawlies of the night.

As we were packing up, Charlotte did a final wash of dishes. She was so cute. She took her job very seriously and scrubbed those pans really well.

I can tell you that she's never had this much fun loading the dishwasher.

Jon enjoyed bacon and eggs cooked over the fire for one last time this year.
So that was our camping trip this year. It was a tough one due to the weather and we're still dreaming of the day when we can camp in a camper.... but it was still a wonderful 10 days. The kids had wonderful adventures, we swam, and we spent time with both sides of the family. .. a great way to spend 10 days no matter how sweaty you are!