Bringing in the Harvest {Freezing Celery}

 Our gardening season is drawing to a close but we are still getting a few things out of it. This week my parents shared with us a bunch of cutting celery (and also more broccoli!) that they had.

I thought I would share with you are simple method of putting up this celery for later. This celery is not the type that you cut into celery sticks but it is wonderful in soups, scalloped potatoes, anything where you would like that nice celery flavor. Cutting celery is also much easier to grow here in the northland.
 My parents gave us this whole bucket full of celery. They had put a little water in the bottom of the bucket to keep it fresh.

 We carefully cleaned it, the bottom tends to collect a lot of dirt.
 Then we chopped it up.
 We chop both the stalks and the leaves.
Then I just packaged it in little zip lock bags (it was a great time to use up the shredded cheese bags that I have washed and saved) and threw it in the freezer.

This was a very simple project and it will be so nice to have this to add to stuff all winter long! Putting up food for winter in a simple and easy way definitely works for me!