Evan's New Hobby

Evan has always been a very busy little boy. He's ready to go from the moment he gets out of bed until the very second before bedtime.
Lately, though, he's discovered a hobby that keeps him in one place for quite some time.
About a month ago, he put together a 24 piece puzzle. It didn't take him too long. He was so excited and couldn't wait to tear it apart and do it again. He was hooked!

When I found our 60 piece, John Deere puzzle for him, his eyes lit up! Johnny Tractor, Johnny Tractor!! He sat on the playroom floor and worked on that puzzle for 30-40 minutes without looking up or getting distracted. He didn't talk to us, use the bathroom, sing, or do anything but work on that puzzle.

Sticking your tongue out helps you find pieces.
It's a good thing that Charlotte loves puzzles too because we still have all the beginner puzzles that she got when she was 3. She loves putting together 100-200 piece puzzles now. They must have gotten their puzzle ability and love from Jon because I'm not a jigsaw gal. Jon will sit and stare at a table full of puzzle pieces and feel quite peaceful and entertained. I, on the other hand, wonder why in the world the manufacturer chopped up a perfectly good picture in the first place.
I think Santa is going to have a few puzzles in his bag for my kiddos this year.