Charlotte's Craft Birthday Party

Charlotte turned 6 a few weeks ago and got to have her first birthday party with friends. We picked a crafts theme since she invited boys and girls. The kids started off by painting wooden picture frames and shapes ($1 each at Michael's!). The cheap plastic table cloth from Walmart worked great for the party since we could just bundle it up and throw it away after the party.
A Happy Birthday cupcake

Then each child got to decorate their cupcake with all sorts of decorations. Charlotte had such fun at the store picking out glitter gel icings, sprinkles, colored sugar, sugar soccer balls and hearts, etc.
Thank goodness my mom came to help with the party. We had children from 3 -6 years old so the more hands helping, the better.

I think Evan was formulating a plan for his cupcake creation.

Can you see the cupcake under all of Charlotte's pretty decorations? It was quite a work of art.

After the cupcake decorating and eating, the picture frames and shapes were dry and ready to be decorated.

We had bowls of pom-poms, buttons, sparkly butterflies, and jewels. Each child was given a bowl with glue and a q-tip to help them put the glue on their project.
They each got to take home their projects. Charlotte and her friends had a blast. It's so nice to see my formerly shy girl act so outgoing and bubbly around her friends.