A little over a week ago, Jon and I went with my mom and Mark to the rodeo. It was held at the Dixie Classic Fair. The kids stayed home with a babysitter so we could have a grown-ups night out. Jon and I got there early to save a good seat. A great chance for some knitting if you ask me. Jon got bored waiting for the rodeo to start. When I suggested he take up knitting, he just raised his eyebrow and went to get a snack.

The Ferris wheel was so pretty in the setting sun.....

...and in the dark.

Here are some of the cowboys that were going to try to ride the broncs and bulls.

Artsy blurry lights picture....

Can you tell I like the Ferris wheel? It's actually the only fair ride I do like. The midway is an area of the fair I usually avoid like the plague. It's loud, crowded, and...... well, I guess that's it... it's loud and crowded.
I don't have any pictures of the riders on the animals because it was so dark. All the pictures I took were blurry beyond recognition.
It was great fun though. Jon had only been to a big rodeo where there were more riders and the action moved faster. He was disappointed that only a few riders had rides long enough to qualify. I couldn't believe anyone could qualify after watching the animals they were attempting to ride! One day I'd love to go with Jon to a big rodeo but until then, I'll stick to the fair rodeo. I can't wait to go next year!